Builder of ADUs crafted with precision and care.

California Modulars is a licensed manufacturer and general contractor in the State of California, specializing in custom modular structures. Entrust us as your builder/partner for your upcoming project!

Master ADU Builders

California Modulars is a certified State of California Housing & Community Development (HCD) manufacturer, offering the highest quality in modular homes. We are also a company operate as a licensed general contractor. 

It is our objective to ensure the ultimate experience in design options, project management, and turn-key solutions for our customers.

Standard ADUs

We are dedicated to incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials and construction methods, firmly believing in providing everyone with access to a healthier and higher-quality living space. All our modular structures adhere rigorously to California Title 24 and CalGreen guidelines to uphold these standards.

Premium ADUs

Elevating the ADU experience: stepping into the world of premium options. Forget the basic box structure! Premium ADUs redefine Accessory Dwelling Units, offering luxurious finishes like sleek countertops and premium fixtures. Smart home technology integrates seamlessly, granting control from a tap. Sustainable design prioritizes energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint while lowering utility bills. Unique architectural flourishes, from modern curves to charming rustic accents, make your ADU an extension of your personality. Separate entrances and private outdoor spaces ensure independence and a sense of sanctuary.

Investing in a luxurious future: the benefits of owning a premium ADU. More than just a living space, a premium ADU is a strategic investment. Watch your property value soar as potential buyers are drawn to this sophisticated addition. Generate a steady stream of income by renting out this stylish haven. Create a comfortable and private haven for visiting family or aging loved ones, keeping them close while respecting their autonomy. Finally, design your own haven for the golden years, aging in place with all the comfort and convenience you deserve. In a premium ADU, the possibilities are endless.

Custom ADUs

Creative Involvement and Control

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions. A custom ADU is a canvas for your creativity, a collaborative journey with architects and designers where your voice takes center stage. From the initial sketch to the final flourish, you have a say in every detail, from the layout that whispers your lifestyle to the materials that sing your personality. This intimate partnership ensures every corner reflects your vision, every feature whispers your needs.

How It Works


During the design phase, we collaborate with your architects and engineers to finalize the plans and specifications. Initial confirmation of purchases begins.



Fabrication, assembly, wiring, and piping of the modules in our controlled HCD-certified factory begin. 



Thirty to sixty days later, delivery.  Crane installation will only take one day.


Completion - Move in

As soon as we have the notice of completion in just a few days  you can enjoy your new home.

Our Factory

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